Research into nature-inclusive, climate-positive building. As much as possible with biobased materials and smart building systems. This is a step further than biobased building, it is building for nature instead of with nature. We are looking for systems in which nature becomes part of buildings, which leads to living architecture. We want to bring together the network of existing ideas and help develop new ideas and systems. We present this research in three forms in the Embassy of Circular & Biobased Building:


We are working on an exhibition in which we artistically visualize and present the ideas and systems that exist for nature-inclusive construction. In 2023 we will start collecting information and organize a meeting in which we will bring the network together to discuss and investigate the possibilities of nature-inclusive building.

Building block/system tracks

We are investigating how we can develop one or more nature-inclusive building blocks with various chain partners – builders, designers, producers and more. A building block made of nature, which can support nature and is constructive at the same time. We present these in the expo.


Biobased Creations, Karres en Brands, GROUPA and Carbonlab have been working on an entry for a 100% biobased Dutch Pavilion at the World Expo in Osaka 2025.

And how we could really build nature inclusive with biobased materials thanks to new building blocks. Our entry was a building that is landscape that is a building. It would be grown in the Netherlands and allow the biobased chains in the Netherlands to be scaled up and expanded. Then everything would be brought to Japan with a sailing ship.

We finished high but did not win the tender. Therefore, we will continue with this plan but in a different form. With the above mentioned building blocks, we can create a pavilion that can become one of the forms of expression for the expo in 2024 or later. This pavilion shows the possibilities of nature-inclusive construction.