What could already be there and what could be tomorrow or the day after? A multi-year quest for nature building, including biobased materials, in the built environment. Building and infrastructure. New construction and renovation.

We conduct research into example projects of water events that are already happening in Western Europe in the field of regenerative roofs, facades, soil and infrastructure. With the aim: to inspire and start a conversation with people from companies, discuss and knowledge institutions about which innovations we want to further develop in the program; Together with motivated people, we want to work on developing and creating images of the regenerative city, where buildings and infrastructure become a valuable part of the landscape. Economically, ecologically and socially.

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TBI klimaattrein, Dura Vermeer infra, Rabobank, VP Capital, Dutch Design Foundation, Biobased Creations. 

Do you also want to participate? Do you want to become part of our network of parties who want to work together from idea and dream to realization? Or would you like to contribute to expanding this publication? Let us know. Or better yet, become a partner and make your regenerative contribution: info@biobasedcreations.com.